Moving a Garden?

I've not been blogging long about my garden but chose Blogger so I could have 'followers' and know who they were to better enable my return of the favor. However, it is challenging for me, not knowing much about the world of computers & internet to upload my photos and place them where I want them without a lot of angst. Because of this I am moving my blog over to Wordpress where I've had my glasswork blog for a tiny bit longer. Perhaps I'm just used to the format there but it's much easier for me to use & the photos are larger!

I hope you'll join me at http://anartistsgarden.wordpress.com/ and continue following my garden journey.

In the meantime, my daylilies are starting to bloom! The season is flying by this year and I don't want to miss a moment! I'd better go check to see who's opened this morning!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time over at Wordpress........ http://anartistsgarden.wordpress.com/


  1. I'll catch you there! I like Wordpress better, too. I have a Blogger account I never use.

  2. Umm, see, for just the reason you said about making it easy to list and follow? That's why I don't like the other. If you want to come back here and get help with learning some of the ins and outs, lots of us will help you! Hugs in a beautiful gardening way!

  3. Linda, totally going ga-ga over this beauitful photo of your garden...LOVE IT!! Took me a while to figure out blogging too(still learning)..do what's easiest for you..you will have a 'follower' in me wherever...


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