In the Beginning...

My husband and I bought our house in the early spring of 1986. It's a sweet little cabin on 2.5 acres, nestled atop a mountain just outside White Salmon WA. The house was unfinished and small, but very close to what we were looking for. The couple who sold it assured us there was a view in spite of the fog always hovering. Those winter clouds didn't lift until after we owned the house and when they finally rose, we realized the view we had was incredible. It spanned from Mt. Hood all the way down the Columbia River Gorge, probably a good ten miles. We were literally on top of cloud nine. After we had a deck built we'd sit each night, wine glass in hand admiring our gorgeous view. We never wanted to leave! So we didn't, other than trips of necessity, like going to our jobs!

Six years later I finally got my husband to take a vacation. We went to Butchart Gardens in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It was the most spectacular garden I had ever seen. I was awestruck at the rolling hills of gorgeous color, the span of lawn, the plants, shrubs, trees, fountains. I was smitten with a capital S. Sam indulged me and we stayed the entire day, slowly going through each and every section of the botanical garden not just once, but twice. Finally, towards the end of the day, I stocked up on seeds at the gift shop. To the best of my recollection, I bought one of everything they had.

Back home, I planned out where each packet of seeds would be planted and set about planting. I didn't comprehend these were annuals that wouldn't return next year. It was the beginning of my annual puzzlement over why my garden didn't take off. My husband who knows me so well, firmly stated (several times) we're not turning our place into a botanical garden. Of course not, I'd always reply as I planned out the next segment and began removing more lawn. For the next few years I purchased and replanted all the colorful annuals I was drawn to, always wondering why I couldn't get my garden to come back.

I gave up on seeds and moved to starts. Maybe if the plant had already begun I'd have better luck! I tried different locations. Sun. Shade. I finally decided pansies, petunias, and their like just didn't like ME! I didn't care. The lavish color and interesting foliage I'd seen at Butchart Gardens was forever sealed in my mind and I wanted to replicate my inspiration. No, not on that grand of a scale, but sweeping color, and plants that were different from any in my neighborhood. And I was lucky enough to have accidentally purchased a perennial here and there, so my garden was progressing albeit slowly.

About the same time I discovered the world of bulb catalogs. I was filled with anticipation for all the possibilities bulbs seemed to offer.

Thanks for stopping by. Next time I'll tell you about my first Bulb Bed.


  1. Omigosh, I love your new blog, Linda! And your cabin, how incredibly beautiful, and I imagine the view is unbelievable. Can we be friends IRL :)

  2. Thanks so much - it's fun, eh?!! I think we already are ; )

  3. Oh, Linda, you crack me up! I'm glad you finally learned the difference between annuals and perrenials!;) You do have a beautiful garden - one of these days I'm going to barge in on you and see it in person. :)

  4. Thanks Toni, I've learned a LOT since the beginning & will share ALL as we go along! If I ever get all the weeds pulled I'll just have a huge garden party so no one has to barge, lol!

  5. Awesome and what a wonderful place to live too! Love your stories. You are a very good writer.


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